Making ends meet …

Slowly, ends meet with the TSC project ... LX200 works fine via internal WLAN, the autoguider operates with the the ZWO ASI 120 MM, DSLR releases and the mount dithers, the wireless handbox operates and the dual focuser moard moves two additional steppers. And, with fog coming in and the moon rising - a first... Continue Reading →


Progress – Putting it all on PCBs

So - after months of coding followed months of playing around with electronics. In short, the result is three PCBs that put the TSC-controller in a handsome package. First, the realtime clock, the USB/RS232 converter for LX200 and a fan for the CPU of the Raspberry Pi were put on a HAT; in addition, three... Continue Reading →

A video showing basic functions …

Bad weather kept me from doing some more real testing, so I made this little video which demonstrates basic positioning properties with the bluetooth handbox or via internal WiFi and Sky Safari 5 ... TSC Video on Youtube

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